Kris Tualla

Award-Winning Author of Historic Romantic Suspense

Sveyn & Hollis

Modern Day

Phoenix, Arizona

Sveyn Hansen was a Viking in 1070—until Norway’s king declared the country Christian, sparking deep-rooted conflict. Sveyn, caught in a violent clash and run through by a sword, lay bleeding on the ground while at his head the priest gave him last rites. But at his feet, the devil was pulling Sveyn toward a different end. A blinding flash and deafening boom shook Sveyn to his bones. Once he could see and hear again, he wasn’t certain what had happened. Only that he was not dead. And he was no longer alive.

Hollis McKenna’s boss, insisting that she take a break after several grueling months at the Arizona History and Cultural Museum, banishes her to a relaxing weekend event. When Hollis arrives, she spies a cover model standing off to the side. Surprised that no one is conversing with the gorgeous six-foot-plus man wearing the Viking costume, she winds through the crowd to speak with him herself. He insists that Hollis hold her “lighted rectangle” to her ear while she converses with him. Frustrated at his repeated insistence, she holds out her phone and demands to know why.

“Because you are the only one who can see me.”