Loving the Norseman (1354)
Loving the Knight (1355)
In the Norseman’s House (1359)

A Nordic Knight in Henry’s Court (1518)
A Nordic Knight of the Golden Fleece (1518)
A Nordic Knight and his Spanish Wife (1520)

A Discreet Gentleman of Discovery (1720-1722)
A Discreet Gentleman of Matrimony
A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence
A Discreet Gentleman of Intrigue
A Discreet Gentleman of Mystery
A Discreet Gentleman’s Legacy (1742)

Leaving Norway (1749)
Finding Sovereignty (1781)
Kirsten’s Journal (1782)

*Free* A Woman of Choice (1819) *Free*
A Prince of Norway (1820)
A Matter of Principle (1821) 

Norway & World War II:
Enemies and Traitors
Battles Abroad
Finding Norway

Camp Hale & World War II:
Sempre Avanti: Always Forward
Ice and Granite: The Snow Soldiers of Riva Ridge
Viking Spy: The 99th Battalion & the OSS  Coming in 2019

Contemporary Paranormal:
An Unexpected Viking
A Restored Viking
A Modern Viking

It does not matter which Trilogy you start with: I wrote them out of order and you can read them "out of order" ~ please just read and enjoy!

2019 Colorado Authors Hall of Fame inductee for "The Camp Hale Series"
Two Camp Hale books have been optioned for a screen project!

An unbroken bloodline from Viking to Soldier...

​​Kris Tualla