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‚ÄčA Hansen Series Update
The Newest News from Kris Tualla

It has been years since I last sent out a newsletter and it's time to catch you up. There are now 17 full-length novels in the Hansen Series plus 3 novellas. These comprise 5 trilogies plus one 5-book set. And I am very happy to report that the Hansen Series has a 4.75-star overall rating on 
Amazon. THANK YOU!

The stories now include my newly released
trilogy: a contemporary, historical, paranormal, Viking trilogy which takes place in Phoenix. Sveyn Hansen has been trapped between life and death for 950 years - until he manifests to Hollis McKenna and his entire existence begins to shift.

Coming next: Hollis's great-grandfather in World War Two:
Norway's Nazi occupation and resistance, both at home and abroad.

Please visit my redesigned website for more information about the Hansens. And stick with me - it's going to be an interesting ride. Tusen takk! ~ Kris